Amazing DVD Reveals Incredible Guitar Playing Secrets!

"Discover Even More Secrets to Learning and Playing 
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Jeremiah La Follette, 10:07 AM

Dear Friend,

I am going to jump right into this...I have recorded an amazing DVD, "Easy Guitar: Techniques, Tricks, and Effects" valued at $77.00,  and I want to give you a copy of this DVD for only $27.00

Here's why:

Many guitar players get frustrated with wanting to get started playing guitar as fast as possible.  It can sometimes take time to learn the basics before you can move onto something else.  

However, with this DVD you can suppliment what you are currently learning on the guitar and add some powerful guitar techniques that will jumpstart your guitar playing into the next level. 

You do not have to know any music theory whatsoever!

 On this DVD are some of the most popular guitar techniques, tricks, and effects, used by all professional and amature guitar players around the world.

You can't leave this page empty handed, can you?

For the cost of $27.00 you're getting quality kickstart guitar lessons so you can start playing your guitar like a pro.  Go ahead and order your copy today, before I increase the price and pull this order link.

 Let's take a quick look as to what you will be learning on either your Acoustic or Electric guitar...


                                    1. Introduction

                                    2. Tuning Time

                                    3. String Vibrato

                                    4. Introduction To The Slide Technique and Half and Whole Steps

                                    5. The Slide Technique

                                    6. Half Steps and Whole Steps

                                    7. Easy Intro to Music Theory

                                    8. Half Steps and Whole Steps Continued

                                    9. Hammer On's and Pull Off's

                                  10. The Hammer On

                                  11. The Pull Off

                                  12. Trills

                                  13. Guitar Practice Tips

                                  14. Intro To Pinky Power

                                  15. Pinky Power Exercise #1

                                  16. Pinky Power Exercise #2

                                  17. Finger Tapping

                                  18. Finger Tapping Exercise #1

                                  19. Warning, Warning, Warning

                                  20. Finger Tapping Technique

                                  21. Finger Tapping Exercise #2

                                  22. Finger Tapping Exercise #3

                                  23. Finger Tapping Trills

                                  24. Guitar Pick Trills

                                  25. Finger Tapping To The Next Level

                                 26. Finger Tapping Exercise #4

                                 27. The Pick Slide

It's so easy to learn guitar fast with this
DVD for only $27.00

If you are not satisfied in any way, just return this amazing guitar instructional DVD       and I'll gladly refund your purchase price of $77.00 

All the best to you and your guitar instruction.


Jeremiah La Follettte
      Guitar Instructor